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Dr Shirish Patwardhan

Past Vice President, FOGSI
Member of Pune Obstetric & Gynaecological Society
E-mail : shirish.patwardhan@gmail.com

Choices: Whatever you and I are to-day is due to the Choices we make. This applies to our health too. If I were weighing 83 kg in 2006 it was because of the choices I was then making. However I would always blame the circumstances for it. We are always served 2-3 deserts in a conference. And in 2006, I would say to myself that being a true Indian I must see that I ‘attack’ all the deserts at least twice if not thrice. If I weigh 77 kg now, again it is because of the choices I have made. It is a harsh truth and difficult to digest, since it puts the whole responsibility on you. However the sooner we realize it, the better our health would be!

Simplicity: Screening tests for diseases are well known. Experiment and experience this Universal / Global screening test! Choose to take the test right away! Imagine that you have got up from your seat facing the wall. Walk up to the wall and gently bang against the wall! Which portion of the body touches the wall first? If it is the forehead or tip of the nose, then things are under control! If it is the belly, then it is – “S A V A D H A N ! Fortunately every house has a wall. And walls are still straight in spite of changing fashions. Other tests for self audit are Breath holding, Resting Pulse Rate and 1 km walk. These Simple tests give a red signal when things are reversible. Choose to use self-audit with usual medical check ups.

Awareness: Choose to be Continuously aware of your surroundings and actions. Observe – Listen – Feel – Focus are the key words. Awareness is of many types. Automatic awareness is related to watching TV. Forced awareness is related to attention when you bump against something or attend a meeting out of compulsion. Feeling awareness is related to the feelings. Choose to inculcate non-judgmental awareness and experience the difference. Focusing on your own breathing continuously is one of the best ways of being Continuously aware. It acts as reference point of one’s own state of awareness.

Silence: Silence has few takers. Silence is not liked by commercial entities. All kinds business demands noise. Choose ‘silence’ for 2 min for every hour of work you put in. Just sit with eyes closed in the erect posture in your chair itself for 2 min. The ideal dose of silence (sitting quietly) is 45 min to 1 hour per day per person. To initiate your journey – begin with a small dose of 2 min. Do it! Feel the difference in your energy levels and then only choose to accept it! Silence is the most potent drug ever discovered.

Suryanamaskar: Choose to begin with one or two Suryanamskars per day! Gradually scale up to the minimum dose of 12 per day per person. The key feature of a Suryanamskar is to hold each ‘mudra,’ ‘stithi.’ Or pose for a minimum of six seconds. To begin with do not get bogged down by when to do them etc. Just start with Suryanamskars and as you progress you can learn the intricacies of Suryanamskar. For your own sake begin with one Suryanamskar per day along with whatever other mode of exercise you are pursuing. Top it up with a brisk of 30 min or similar aerobic avtivity.

Diet: Choose to eat cooked food (meals) twice a day. In between and in large quantities consume / ear 1. Sprouts 2. Raw Palebhaji 3. Raw Phalbhaji 4. Fruits (in oreder of importance). The ‘dose’ is 400 g per day per person. No food is taboo. Nothing is forbidden or prohibited. Choose to find out how much oil is being consumed by the family per month. The recommended dose of oil per person per day is 15-20 ml except for children / pregnant and lactating women.

As Medicos we have chosen profession that is becoming progressively tougher. Most of choose to know more about politics or about modern gadgets rather focusing on our and our families welfare. It is time we made better choices about what we do with our time and money. Rest assured, if we make the right choices – regularly and daily – we would be on the wicket (practice) for as much time as we want.

(Dr Shirish Patwardhan is a Pune based Gynaecologist & Obstetrician. His focus is Preventive Medicine through his books namely “Artharjan Konasathi? Swatasathi Ka Doctoransathi? – “Haemoglobin V Buddhi” and Karodpati Passbook (English),workshops, lectures & Kayapalat tours. His motto “Put everything into practice before preaching.”His passion for fitness & pedaling was combined with a social message – Anemia Chale Jao. He has cycled all over the country – right up to Khardung La pass (highest motorable road in the world) & abroad. Conducting Workshop for Seven days in Leh every year in May is his favourite activity. The latest addition to these is Sexcellence @ Pune.)