Screening For Gestational Diabetes

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Dr Sujata Misra MD FICOG Chairperson, Medical Disorders in Pregnancy Committee, FOGSI Pregnancy induces progressive changes in maternal carbohydrate metabolism. As pregnancy advances insulin resistance and diabetogenic stress due to placental hormones necessitate compensatory increase in insulin secretion. When this compensation is inadequate gestational diabetes develops. ‘Gestational Diabetes Mellitus’ [GDM] is defined as carbohydrate intolerance… Read more »

Strategies To Reduce Maternal Mortality And Morbidity In Rural India

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Dilip Kumar Dutta M.D., PHD, FICOG Secretary Kalyani Obst. & Gyn. Society   INTRODUCTION: India is the second most populous country of the world and has fast changing socio-political-demographic patterns that have been drawing global attention in recent years. Worldwide an estimated five lakh woman die as a result of pregnancy each year.  Approximately one… Read more »