A Helping Hand in Crises

The FOGSI Health Fund is a resource created by FOGSI in September 2007 to extend solace and support to FOGSI members who have the misfortune of being afflicted by serious permanent disability through either illness or mishap.

The fund has been created with an initial corpus.  The intent of the fund is to provide emotional and financial assistance and a helping hand at a critical time and thereby assure the member of the support and good wishes of the entire FOGSI family

Eligibility and Application

Each and every bonafide FOGSI member is eligible for support. To operationalize the fund and make allotments objective, a list of disabilities eligible for support has been approved by the Managing Committee and General Body of FOGSI  Presently these will include stroke (resulting in paralysis), renal failure (chronic), blindness, amputation of a limb, major organ transplant (renal, hepatic or cardiac), major burns (greater than 50%) and any other medical conditions deemed to result in a permanent disability.

Applications will be accepted and screened by the FOGSI Office. The application should be accompanied by a medical certificate describing the disability. Further clarification and corroborative reports may be sought by the FOGSI office if these are necessitated. The application will be then approved by any two FOGSI office bearers.

Nature of Support

The support extended to individual members will be in the form of a one-time payment for FOGSI members with the defined permanent disability. This would range from Rs. 30000 to Rs. 50000 depending on the severity and permanence. To start with complete blindness and major organ transplant be eligible for the maximum support and other disabilities be supported depending upon assessed severity.

The methodology of the FOGSI Health Fund will be reassessed after a year after a better understanding of the requirements of our members. It is FOGSI’s vision that the fund evolve into a long term supportive resource.