Dr Prakash Trivedi President FOGSIIt is one of the greatest honor to be the 58th President of FOGSI one of the biggest Federation of Obstetrics & Gynaecological Societies of India, probably one of the biggest Medical Consultant’s organization in the world.

I owe gratitude towards my teachers & veterans in FOGSI. My peers colleagues and followers have always kept me abreast with best techniques.

The theme for 2015 is “Minimal Access Maximal Care ~ Pregnancy in High risk mother ” which takes care of enhancing skills of FOGSI members in vaginal, endoscopic , urogynaecological surgery, interventional sonography & ART procedures at door step. The big concern is High risk Mother & Emergency Obstetrics, these will be focused to reduce Maternal Mortality & morbidity.

Our FOGSI team 2015 is exceptionally talented & resourceful :


We will focus to have one 3 day event per month wherein through a FOGSI program you will get full knowledge on that subject. The remaining days you can focus on attending patients & giving care, the teaching hospitals can focus on education. We have a major event on Gynaecological advances in Mumbai from 14th to 17th May’15 covering all aspects of Live Surgeries, skill enhancement, expert talks , debates & panel discussions like never before.

We will have a major event from 17 to 19th July’15 at Hyderabad on International Conference on High risk Obstetrics. Yuva FOGSI will be at Srinagar, Calicut, Jodhpur & Puri.

ICOG the academic wing of FOGSI will have Professional Enhancement & FORCE PG training courses all over India with the ICOG team & Committee together. The Chairman will focus on actual evaluation & accurate details of Maternal Mortality in 229 Ob.Gyn. societies. A module will be made for improvement at all levels to reduce Maternal Mortality.

This year we are focusing on the need of common FOGSI members, to understand & hear them, also focus on their health, insurances, mediclaims, safe investment & fitness program. We are bringing more transparency & increase more voting in FOGSI to make a growing unified FOGSI.

We have moved into new office with excellent staff in FOGSI, ICOG & JOGI.

We promise to make useful progress in FOGSI to strengthen every member & the youth to be prepared to face any future challenge with confidence.

We will work with government & have a healthy rapport to reduce difficulties in our practice specially through to many Laws, rules & documentation simplified.

Most important FOGSI will work with FIGO, RCOG, AOFOG, SAFOG & also other super speciality organizations actively in larger interest of woman’s health.

Long live FOGSI. Jai Hind !!

Dr. Prakash Trivedi

President FOGSI 2015