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“Reaching the unreached – A FOGSI-ICOG initiative”

The project is aimed at understanding the prevalence of “eclampsia”- pregnancy induced hypertension among women in India. “This condition makes the woman morbid and may also kill her. It is definitely preventable, but we need to know the prevalence of this condition so that we can go for the standardisation of treatment practices,” said Dr. Sanjay Gupte. The registry will collect data on eclampsia cases with the help of FOGSI’s 250 branches and 25,000 gynaecologist members spread all over the country, including the hinterlands.

Dr Sanjay Gupte initiated this project in the September of 2009 and the web registry was built subsequently. It was launched at Gauhati during Dr Gupte’s taking over ceremony as President of FOGSI.

Dr Gupte urges all the FOGSI members to contribute data so that all the data can be analysed and best practices can be disseminated.

If you wish to participate in the work of the national registry, you may log on to the website : www.ner-fogsi.in