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Dr. Meenakshi Bharath

Member of Bangalore Obstetric & Gynaecological Society

E-mail: meenakshibharath@gmail.com

Voter Apathy

The apathy in the Urban Indian population is because they do not see any benefit in voting and in participating in the local issues of governance.

Voting in the villages for the third tier of governance is very high for the impact of the Gram panchayat is great.

Ignorance on the part of the urban voter is one issue – most citizens only know of the first two tiers of governance. In the villages they know of the gram Panchayat- but in the cities there is no awareness of the city council.

In Cities this is probably because the lot of elected representatives do not impact the life of the citizens in a positive way. It is time that all the parties field candidates of good calibre otherwise the situation where muscle and money power rules the voter will be the down fall of our country.

The presence of capable candidates will be an inducement for the citizens to come out and vote. If the voting averages are more than 65% then it will the case of the best candidate winning, not the victory of money or muscle. Then the performace of the corporators will improve and so will the city.

The youth needs to vote –”Make your choice of your Local leader”. If you do not vote, your leader will still be chosen – but he will not be your choice. Then you cannot grumble for the next 5 yrs. The situation in your ward can continue as is for the next few years.

To vote you need to have your name on the voter’s list. Check your name way before the day of elections -not on the morning of elections. If you do not find your name in the voter’s list please fill up the form 6, attach an address proof and give it to the ward office in your area. Make sure that you keep the receipt safely. You can do this when the coters list is up for corrections -all year through except for the one month before any election.

Your participation will make the difference to the elections. All of you come and be.

To improve the voter turn out is very well-but if the choice of candidates for the ward is not good then the purpose is defeated.

The political parties and the RWAs need to choose good candidates to stand in the wards. If the public perceives that the candidates will truly serve the community, then the voters will see the value in coming out to cast their vote. Currently most people feel that their vote is wasted.

Thus the onus for the voters’ turn out lies in the hands of the candidates proving that they are worth voting for.

It is in the hands of the youth who make up more than 50% of the Indian electorate to show the power of their vote, not allow the power of money and muscle to rule them. Money power is the first step in corruption being perpetuated. If the youth exercise their power then they will change everything. Bangalore will improve.

The youth need to show that they are a force to be reckoned with and not ignored. This can only happen if they will participate whole heartedly in the happenings in the area.

it is imperative that the youth take up the onus for the happenings in india and make the difference.